"I have been fortunate to rehab my knee at Peak Physical Therapy. The visits were pleasant, and the staff friendly and knowledgeable. The exercises do work!" - Judy Falk

"You guys are great. I'm so glad I came here for my rehab. I felt very comfortable and at ease because I truly feel all of you work as a team and are happy with the work you do because you are helping people. This is your calling because you do it out of love. That is from the heart." - Thanks again, Ben Garcia

"I had tears in my rotator cuff (I couldn't move my elbow away from my waist) and did not want to have surgery because I had heard so many stories of surgery not making the shoulder better and how awful the surgery/ recovery were. So I wanted to try physical therapy first. I went to Kevin at Peak and he worked with me for a short time, then told me my shoulder would not improve without surgery. I had the surgery and went back to Kevin for physical therapy. Kevin and everyone in the office were encouraging and positive. They cheered me on and celebrated my improvements. I did therapy at the office and he gave me exercises to do at home. Kevin always told me what he was going to do, what I needed to do, always with patience and a caring, gentle attitude. The therapy was hard, but everyone in the office inspired me because of their attitudes, so cheerful and upbeat. My recovery seemed as important to them as it was to me. My shoulder has full range of motion and it's as good or better than it ever was. I'm a patient again for a different complaint (not as major), and I am having the same complete and thorough evaluation and care. Thanks Peak! - Jane Kirkham

When I blew out my medial collateral ligament a few years ago, it seemed an expensive surgery was right around the corner. But, I hobbled into Peak Physical Therapy on crutches, very painfully, to see if there was anything they could do to avoid that. My first day, lying on my back, it was all I could do to bend my swollen knee a few inches. It wasn't much, but a start, and I agreed to come in three times a week. Thus began a healing process that ramped up, just a bit at a time, until I soon found myself doing multiple exercises on the machines that would have been unbearable a short while before. I was given a set of gradually increasing home exercises to do three times a day, as well as my visits, which I did more or less religiously, hoping for the best, and in three months time I was back on the golf course, back on the dance floor, back to playing tag with my young grandsons in the back yard, and back to my old self. By the way, I'm 62 years old, and my knee is just fine, thanks to the truly friendly, encouraging care I received at Peak. Thank you, Kevin and Jessica! -Greg Quadlander

Thank you, Peak! About a year and a half ago I fell and broke my right knee cap. I wore a brace for a while. The doctor recommended physical therapy at Peak. So…during the healing process and a short time after, I went to Peak three times a week. My knee healed nicely…and I fully recovered. - Rachel Thompson


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