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Non Pharmaceutical Arthritis Pain Medicine Dec20th 2020

Physical Therapy for Non-Pharmaceutical Arthritis Pain Management

Stiffness and discomfort don’t have to be a part of our daily lives — and yet many people assume that they’re doomed to suffer from arthritis pain. If you’ve been losing more and more of your mobility and productivity due to chronic joint inflammation, you may be disappointed by the usefulness of painkilling drugs or

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Dec10th 2020

Say Goodbye to Your Stress-Related Headaches, Once and for All

If stress-related headaches are happening so frequently that they are impacting your daily life, it’s time to start thinking about physical therapy for relief. Stress-related headaches, also called tension headaches, are the most common type of headache that impacts people. While they are not as serious as migraines, tension headaches are a sign that something

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Nov9th 2020

What is Direct Access?

If you have talked to someone about physical therapy you might have heard the term direct access in your conversations. Many people are not aware of what direct access is and how it can benefit them. Direct Access is the ability to seek care from a physical therapist without having a referral from your doctor.

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