What is Direct Access?

Nov9th 2020

If you have talked to someone about physical therapy you might have heard the term direct access in your conversations. Many people are not aware of what direct access is and how it can benefit them.

Direct Access is the ability to seek care from a physical therapist without having a referral from your doctor. This means you can come directly to a physical therapy clinic when you injure yourself, wake up with a kink in your neck, or have a flare up of an old injury. 


You can be treated by a physical therapist for up to 10-15 business days (3). After the 10-15 business day mark a physician will need to sign off on the plan of care provided by the PT or give you a referral to continue (4).


Direct access helps get you feeling better sooner, it can cut down the cost of treatment for your problem, can help you get the treatment you need faster, and help prevent opioid addiction.

If you have any questions on direct access and how it could help you get to where you need to be please give our clinic a call!


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